Water trefoil or buckbean
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Water trefoil or buckbean


Remedy in case of poor digestion or lack of appetite, febrifuge properties, helpful in case of rheumatism or calculosis, useful to treat acne or skin irritations.


Water trefoil, or buckbean, is a plant whose leaves are a valid remedy in case of poor digestion or lack of appetite. In addition to this, the buckbean has also febrifuge, diuretic and detox properties, useful in case of fever, flu, rheumatism, calculosis or other bladder problems. If applied on the skin, it is helpful in case of acne or skin irritations. During pregnancy or lactation, it is better to ask the doctor before taking buckbean.

Herbal tea

Leave to brew 10 gr of leaves in ½ liter of boiling water for 5 minutes. Drink the tea in case of poor digestion, fever, rheumatism. In case of problems of the skin apply it on the part.


Add two or three handfuls of leaves of buckbean in the water for a bath in case of rheumatism.
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