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Wheat germ

October 04, 2017
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Wheat germ

Vitamins and mineral salts, folic acid, powerful antioxidant action, supports the immune system, omega 3 fatty acids to control cholesterol levels, if applied externally in the form of oil has soothing and anti-wrinkle properties, against stretch marks, acne and skin irritations

Wheat germ is a part of the caryopsis of the wheat, or Triticum aestivum. Although rich in nutrients, this part is removed together with the bran during grinding to obtain white flour. Wheat germ contains vitamins, such as vitamins from group B and E, which is a powerful antioxidant useful against free radicals and aging processes, mineral salts such as calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, but also folic acid, fibers and fatty acids omega 3, important to control cholesterol levels in the blood. You can find wheat germ in semi-whole wheat flour and, in even larger quantities, in whole wheat flour, better if it is a stone-ground flour. In the refining process of the flour, instead, bread germ is extracted by using a sieve, the wheat germ is presented as flakes that can be added to yogurt, cereals but also salads, the daily dose is two tablespoons. Another way to find wheat germ is in the form of cold pressed oil, appreciated for its powerful antioxidant action. Wheat germ oil can be used for cooking, added for example to salads, but the important thing is not to heat it but use it raw. Wheat germ oil can also be applied in cosmetics. This oil, with moisturizing, soothing and sun-protective properties, can be used in the preparation of lip balm, but it can also be used as anti-wrinkle remedy or to counteract stretch marks, to treat skin with acne, redness or irritation. You can apply on the skin instead of the cream in small quantities and massage until it is completely absorbed. You can use wheat germ oil in case of dry hair or with dandruff, apply and let it rest for ten minutes then rinse with the shampoo.

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