White mulberry

White mulberry

Rich in vitamins, proteins and iron, important in case of anemia, antibacterial action against dental caries, able to lower blood sugar, useful to lose weight.


White mulberry fruits are rich in fiber, proteins, tannins, vitamins, like vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, and iron. For the last property these fruits can be very helpful in case of anemia. Moreover, according to scientific studies, white mulberry fruits have also an antibacterial action that can be important to prevent dental caries.


Scientific studies have demonstrated that the white mulberry extract is able to lower the level of blood sugar, for this reason white mulberry can be helpful in case of high amount of sugar in blood or diabetes type 2. White Mulberry tablets help also lose weight in case of overweight or obesity. Try to take three tablets a day before the main meals with a glass of water. In case of diabetes ask your doctor before any action.
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