White peach

Able to protect and purify the liver, detox properties, diuretic, able to counteract headache after meals and sour stomach.
Peaches are the fruits of summer, juicy, scented and also really healthy. Peaches are classified on the basis of their flesh color, white, the original color of the fruit, and yellow, that has occurred as a consequence of mutations of a gene, CCD4. This gene, according to a scientific study performed by researchers of Udine University (Falchi et al, Plant J, 2013), is responsible of the degradation of carotenoids, the pigments that give the red and yellow color. In white peach the gene works properly and degrades the pigments while in the yellow peach it fails to work. This determines also a change in the characteristics and properties of the fruit. The yellow peach can be preserved for a longer period of time while the white peach is more scented, according to the authors of the study of Udine University. Moreover, on the basis of a scientific study carried out by Korean scientists (Kim et al, J Cancer Prev, 2017), white peaches may be able to increase the metabolism of the toxic compounds of tobacco smoke in smokers and also to protect the normal and healthy tissues from toxicity caused by nicotine. In addition to this, white peach helps also detox and purify the liver, it has less provitamin A than yellow peach and for this reason white peach doesn’t stress the liver. In addition to this, white peach has also draining and detox properties, plays a role in preventing colitis and the headache that may occur after meals, is a source of energy and counteracts sour stomach and water retention.
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