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Whole grain cereals

Whole grain cereals

Helpful to prevent diabetes type 2, able to increase the sense of satiety and improves the intestinal functionalities, against blood sugar spikes that have dangerous effect on the body as proven by scientific studies
In the recipes that we propose we always use whole grain pasta, whole grain or semi whole grain flours and rice and we say that in this way it is possible to prevent the dangerous blood sugar spikes. But what does it exactly mean and why is it so important for health? Refined pasta, rice or flours have a high glycemic index, for example refined flour reaches 85 and the same is for the white bread while, to compare, a whole grain spelt flour has glycemic index 45. This means that these refined products, when eaten, increase a lot the blood sugar levels. As a consequence of the high quantity of blood sugar the body replies by releasing insulin, a hormone that allows the sugars to enter inside the cells. This is the normal answer of the body and until now all sounds fine, the problem is that this excessive and continue release of insulin for a prolonged period of time can be dangerous. First of all the cells can become less sensitive to the insulin signals and the sugars begin to circulate free in blood, other quantities of insulin should be released and this situation is called insulin resistance, in the long term the insulin is no longer enough and diabetes type 2 may occur. In addition to this, according to dr David Servan Schreiber that wrote the book Anti Cancer, together with insulin is released another molecule, called IGF, able to stimulate cell growth. This means that high levels of sugar feed and make grow fast the tissues, but not just healthy tissues also cancer cells (Grothey et al., 1999, Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology) whose defenses are also strengthened (Long et al, 1998, Cancer Research). Insulin and IGF stimulate also the inflammatory processes that are a cancer accelerator. Changing the nutrition, by choosing whole grain cereals and flours, bring important and quick improvement that are seen very soon in the aspect of the skin, for example it is possible to observe a decrease in pimples and acne (Cordain et al, 2002, Archives of Dermatology). Whole grain cereals, with a lower glycemic index, are a fiber rich food and in this way limit the absorption of sugars and the consequent glycemic spike, moreover the fibers counteract hunger and improve the intestinal functioning. A lot of benefits, that is true, however, many people don’t like whole grain cereals. In fact, pasta and sweets are more attractive if prepared with refined ingredients, specifically created to satisfy the taste, but that’s all, with the refining process indeed a lot of nutrients are removed together with the ability to bring a sense of satiety and after a little time you may be hungry again. A good choice could be often change the type of pasta, cereals and flour: you can try buckwheat pasta, very good if dressed with broccoli, onion and garlic, or whole grain spelt pasta, with tomato sauce is amazing, then there is also durum whole wheat pasta or common whole wheat pasta. For what concerns flours, the semi whole grain and whole grain spelt flours are perfect to prepare sweets, then you can use also khorasan wheat flour, the bread prepared with this flour is really soft and tasty. Finally, you can also prepare yummy salads with dehusked spelt or buckwheat. These are just some examples but, as you can see, there’s a plenty of choice and every type of cereal will give taste and color to your dishes, as well as being a very healthy choice.
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