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Yellow cowslip orchid

Yellow cowslip orchid

Australian flower remedy that acts on the pituitary gland, helps to re-balance the hormones after long-term intake of the birth control pill and fights memory loss, conteracts muscular and joint stiffness, from the mental point of view helps too rigid and hypercritical people
Caladenia flava is a type of orchid native to Western Australia and characterized by a wonderful yellow flower with red streaks. From this plant a flower remedy called Yellow cowslip orchid is obtained. The remedy acts on both the body and the mind. From the physical point of view, this Australian flower helps to relieve the contractures, makes the body more flexible, removes any stiffness and, since it acts by harmonizing the pituitary gland, it can also be useful in order to re-balance the hormones in women who have taken for long time the birth control pill and to counteract memory loss. For what concerns the emotional part and mind, the yellow cowslip orchid mind is suitable for people who are too rigid, who criticize too much and always express judgments about others, are finicky and obsessed, who use only the intellect and reject the feelings. This Australian flower helps to dissolve the tensions and to stimulate empathy by facilitating relationships with others. As all Australian floral remedies take 7 drops of remedy in the morning and in the evening, keep it under your tongue. Alternatively, you can have a bath by adding to the water 10 drops of remedy or mix 5 drops of the Australian flower to a little neutral cream and apply for external massages on very tight and contracted areas such as shoulders, back, neck or chest but also less flexible joints.
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