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November 23, 2016
Helpful in case of hormonal changes and symptoms related to hormonal problems such as acne, especially if localized on the chin, heir loss, oily skin, heavy periods and menstrual cramps, can give a relief in case of hot flashes related to menopause, useful in case of wounds that cannot heal easily, eczema
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Zinc is an important trace element for the body, essential for the good hormonal functioning. It is taken through food: source of zinc are seafood, mushrooms, meat, dried fruit, such as nuts and oilseeds especially sunflower and pumpkin seeds, on the contrary cereals, high intake of calcium and milk proteins hinder the absorption of zinc. Zinc results important for keratin synthesis, helps and promotes skin renovation, it stimulates also the collagen production. The most common symptoms of low zinc are hair loss, skin rashes, eczema, slow wound healing, vision problems especially at night and frequent infections. In case of low zinc you can take a supplement of zinc, that you can find pure in capsules, the quantity is one capsule per day. As a support the zinc is often used together with other elements such as copper. In this case it is used to regulate hormonal changes or pimples on the chin, ovarian cysts, hair loss due to hormonal problems, heavy periods but also to give a relief in case of particular symptoms related to menopause such as hot flashes. In this case the advised quantity is a vial every day or every other day for at least three months.

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