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A trip to ancient Ceylon, among tea plantations, spices and temples

Until a few decades ago it was called Ceylon and the name was already enough to evoke journeys to distant seas and adventures on the boundary between dream and reality. Today Sri Lanka, an island in the Indian Ocean, is the destination for those who love archeology and tradition. Our journey on route 66 begins in Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri lanka. In Kandy there is a temple sacred to Buddhism called Sacred Tooth as it holds the tooth of Buddha. For that tooth, a symbol of the right to rule on earth, wars were fought until it was hidden by an Indian princess in her hair and secretly brought here to Kandy. But Kandy also fascinates us for the tea plantations that surround it. Tea seedlings cover the hills and steps and pulsate with energy and life while we pause to look at the locals that, with colored bags on their shoulders, collect the leaves that will then be dried and used for infusions and herbal teas, with the name of Ceylon tea. Our journey continues by taking us to the incredible golden temple of Dambulla with its 80 caves carved into the rock. Inside this temple we are enchanted by the statues of the Buddha, the guide says as many as 150, who represent him in different positions, sitting in the lotus position, standing and even lying down, as if he were resting! What a lovely place Sri Lanka, we think, as we walk along a street with Buddha statues and behind the modern buildings of the capital, Colombo. We would like to return, and complete the tour, there are still many archaeological sites to see and we would like to try surfing off the beaches surrounded by palm groves, but our journey for this year ends here. The plane is waiting for us but we know that the appointment is only postponed ... until next year!

Ceylon Cinnamon

Sri Lanka is not only famous for tea, but also for a spice, cinnamon. You can spread a couple of drops of cinnamon essential oil in the room, it will help you fight sadness and anxiety as well as make you go to this dream island with your mind. Not only that, try to dilute two drops of cinnamon essential oil in 50 ml of sweet almond oil and do massages on the legs. Cinnamon oil contains cinnamaldehyde, which is an active ingredient capable of improving blood circulation (Ferro et al, Molecules, 2019), thus helping to combat stagnation and cellulite. But be careful, do not overdo the amount because cinnamon can irritate the skin.
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