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Bright and young skin with Sicilian cosmetics

Fifth century BC, the city of Akragas was affected by a plague brought on by mosquitoes that proliferated in the stagnant waters that reached the sea. The plague was spreading day by day and the city was exhausted. But a man came up with an idea, he made a large breach into the walls so that the winds could blow into the valley and dry the waters. So it happened and the plague was defeated. The city of Akragas could survive and reach the present day as a bulwark of culture, still admired today by the multitude of tourists, including us, who visit it. Do you understand where we are? We are in Sicily, and the city of Akragas is none other than today's Agrigento. And the valley that that great man, named Empedocle, who went down in history as a brilliant and talented philosopher, was reclaimed, is the valley of the temples, which opens at our feet with columns, capitals, pediments and statues. How wonderful the land of Sicily! Between sea, sky, sunny hills and archeology we try to revive this splendor with small cosmetics for every day.

Cosmetics of Sicily

Sulfur is one of the resources of Sicily, which boasts vast deposits of this mineral. Sulfur is very useful for the skin, it is in fact antimicrobial, and therefore useful in the case of acne but also dermatitis (Gupta et al, J Drugs Dermatol, 2004). Mix 2 tablespoons of ventilated green clay and a teaspoon of sulfur powder, found in a chemist's or herbalist's shop or even online, and add as much water as needed to create a cream. Apply to clean face for 10 minutes, then rinse. But not forget also the prickly pears, which grow spontaneously and strong under the Sicilian sun. From here an oil rich in precious antioxidants is extracted, including vitamin E, to help rejuvenate the skin and fight wrinkles. Apply a few drops on wet face skin and massage until absorbed!
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