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Sugar, coconut, sun and sea ... Cape Verde welcomes you!

Today Route 66 takes us to Cape Verde, an archipelago of volcanic origin off the coast of Senegal. From the island of Sal, the obligatory passage to admire the other islands, we decide to leave immediately and begin our exploration on the island of Boa Vista, the easternmost of all the islands that make up the archipelago. We enter a dream made of high dunes and fine sand that lap a sea that seems to embrace us in its immensity. We admit that we no longer wanted to leave but Cape Verde has many surprises like the Blue Hole on the island of Sal, to which we return to experience the beauty of this part of Cape Verde. Blue Hole is a crater in the middle of the ocean, a chasm that descends 130 meters into the depths opening up to our eyes with an underwater landscape of stalactites and stalagmites. Time stops, sounds are muffled and the majesty of nature makes our heart beat faster. In Cape Verde, a dessert that we have learned to appreciate is coconut candy, made from coconut and sugar. We thought to draw inspiration from this dessert to offer today's remedy, a scrub for the face and lips prepared with these two ingredients!

Cape Verde Scrub

Preparing this scrub is simple. In a small bowl mix 3 teaspoons of brown cane sugar, which contains glycolic acid, an excellent exfoliating agent, and 3 teaspoons of coconut oil, able to repair the skin barrier. Mix and apply with a light massage on your damp face and lips for about a minute. This will also help dissolve makeup residue. Rinse your face thoroughly with water and dry with a microfibre cloth or towel. Spray a floral water, such as rose water, and apply a cream.
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