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Tangier, the white city from which you can admire the sea while sipping mint tea

Tangier is called the white city and we just need a glance to understand why. Its buildings shine with their dazzling white as they reflect on the blue sea surface of the Strait of Gibraltar. We walk through the narrow alleys, under the arches between the houses and a fascinating Tangier, throbbing of life, opens up to our eyes. What most strikes us about Tangier are the terraces, with linen hanging in the sun or with real small lounges and bars overlooking the sea. We stop to admire the sea and the coast of Spain from Bab el Bahr, the gateway to the sea, but in reality we thrill at the idea of going to visit the caves of Hercules. Legend says that Hercules was held captive in these caves and that, to free himself, he punched the rock. Thus an opening was formed, which today is called the Map of Africa, as it has the shape of the African continent, and which overlooks the sea. Again according to legend, the fist of Hercules not only broke the rock allowing him to come out, but also caused the breaking of the earth that connected Europe and Africa causing the separation of the two continents and the formation of the Strait of Gibraltar. And it's not over here ... it is believed that the caves of Hercules also hide the underground passage to the Rock of Gibraltar! This is what we think about while, right from the Map of Africa, we admire the sunset sun descending beyond the sea line and setting the sky on fire.

Mint tea

When you think of Tangier you think of Moroccan mint tea, perhaps enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the sea on a warm and sunny morning. Let's see how to prepare this digestive and refreshing drink. What we offer is a faster version because the original recipe involves several steps and more infusions, but in our opinion it is a bit too laborious. Bring a liter of water to a boil, remove from the heat and add a generous handful of fresh mint. After a couple of minutes also add 2 tablespoons of Chinese green tea in leaves, the gunpowder type is very good, leave to infuse for 8 minutes. Filter and drink. Moroccan mint tea is sweet, so if you want to follow the tradition you can add brown cane sugar or honey. We, however, prefer to drink it naturally, in this way you can taste more the mint and it is healthier!
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