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Tiramisu cake with white chocolate and lemon
A delicious dessert is good for mood, brings joy and energy. Today we offer a light version of tiramisu, with ricotta cheese, white chocolate and lemo...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Delicious eggplants in the oven
Here is a fragrant, cheerful and really tasty dish, delicious eggplants in the oven! Eggplant disks serve as a dish for a tasty filling prepared with ...
Salads and side dishes
Fusilli pasta with artichokes and tomato sauce
Here it is a little and powerful concentrate of health, wholegrain fusilli pasta with artichokes and tomato sauce. The recipe is rich in antioxidants ...
Pasta, rice and pies
Spaghetti with wild garlic pesto
Here is a very easy, tasty and healthy recipe, spaghetti with wild garlic pesto. Wild garlic can now be found in grocery stores and supermarkets and i...
Pasta, rice and pies
Spaghetti with asparagus and saffron
Here is a dish that tastes of spring, also able, with its taste and colors, to bring joy. But spaghetti with asparagus and saffron are also a concentr...
Pasta, rice and pies
Arabic Pita bread
Here is the recipe to prepare at home a truly delicious, tasty and healthy Arabic pita bread with just unrefined flours. This is really a great way to...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Easter pound cake with lemon and raspberries
Here is a special sweet for Easter, cheerful, simple to make, tasty and with an eye to health. In fact, the filling of the dessert is a delicious rasp...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Delicious Cheesecake
I really don’t have other words to describe this cheesecake, simply delicious, seeing is believing! Then it is also a body weight friendly-dessert, it...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
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