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Italian soup of cereals and legumes
Here is a really delicious soup to get back in shape after the holidays, the Italian soup of cereals and legumes! This soup is typical of the Italian ...
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Spaghetti with crunchy walnut sauce
Here is a truly exquisite, creamy and at the same time crunchy pasta. Spaghetti with walnut sauce and pan-fried breadcrumbs are a satiating dish, whic...
healthy recipes
Chuestnut mini panettone
Here is a tasty version of the Italian classic Christmas dessert, the chestnut mini panettone cakes! With their sweet and slightly buttery aroma, they...
healthy recipes
Eggnog, the Christmas drink
Eggnog is a Christmas drink typical of several countries, such as Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia. As the name suggests, eggnog...
healthy recipes
Spaghetti pasta with red chicory and pomegranate
Here is a tasty and healthy first course, spaghetti with radicchio and pomegranate with a touch of Roquefort cheese. Roquefort is considered one of th...
healthy recipes
Morning buns with apple and cardamom
In Sweden they are called Kardemummabullar, we call them delicious cardamom buns! And in this even tastier version we offer them stuffed with apple an...
healthy recipes
Soup of lentils, baby octopus and escarole
Here is a delicious dish, perfect for the cold evenings of this period, the soup of lentils, baby octopus and escarole. But this recipe isn't just del...
healthy recipes
Poppy seed braid
The poppy seed braid is a real treat for the palate! It will make amazing every waking and give energy even on the coldest days. And then it is prepar...
healthy recipes
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