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Healthy Recipes

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Christmas fruit cake, a yummy and powerful source of energy
The Christmas period is coming and together with this magic month also wet, rainy and cold days, so, there is really the need to have for breakfast or as a snack delicious and high-energy foods. Perfect for this purpose is the Christmas fruit cake, that in Italy is called zelten, a sweet bread prepared with flour, sugar, dry fruit, figs and raisins. In this variant the cake hasn’t any butter but just extra virgin olive oil, moreover, we use unrefined flour and sugar. Well, it is really a healthy...
healthy recipes
Italian calzones with season vegetables
Tasty, fragrant and also healthy, here are for you Italian calzones, the typical Italian folded pizza filled with a lot of yummy things. Perfect for joyful meals, lunches in the office or parties, these calzones are prepared just with unrefined flour, extra virgin olive oil, yeast and water while for the filling we have chosen a lot of season vegetables such as pumpkin, zucchini, celeriac, savoy cabbage and shallot that bring precious antioxidants, beta carotene and mineral salts! Ingredients f...
healthy recipes
Delicious pasta with creamy pumpkin sauce
The World Pasta Day, the day dedicated to pasta, was just a few days ago and we honor this delicious food, so healthy and versatile, with a yummy recipe, the pasta with creamy pumpkin sauce! The recipe is really amazing. It could be the pumpkin puree that gives a sweet, colorful and healthy note, or the chopped dry fruits that crunch under the teeth but for sure this yummy pasta does not go unnoticed. Try it to believe! Ingredients 320 grams of whole grain spelt short pasta 200 grams of pumpkin...
healthy recipes
Pumpkin pie
It’s time for a yummy, sweet and scented pumpkin pie, that can be served for breakfast, as a delicious snack or to make parties with friends really special. Pumpkin pie has a soft and spicy filling, prepared with lactose free ingredients, to meet also the needs of lactose intolerant people, and without butter and cream to obtain a cake that is also light! As always, we used, also for the dough, unrefined flours and sugar. And instead of butter for this recipe you can use just extra virgin olive ...
healthy recipes

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