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Healthy Recipes

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Breakfast brioches
Scent, sweetness and softness, here for you the brioches for the morning, easy to prepare and genuine. With a yummy and healthy breakfast like this the wake up time is really amazing! Ingredients 200 grams of wheat flour 300 grams of semi whole wheat flour 15 grams of whole cane sugar 3 tablespoons of chestnut honey 260 grams of plant based milks 20 grams of plant based yogurt 20 grams of fresh baker’s yeast 4 grams of sea salt Mix the two flours and the sugar. Heat quickly the milk, it should...
healthy recipes
Plant based hamburgers with barbecue sauce
Who says that yummy food cannot be also healthy? Here’s the proof, this tasty recipe that everybody, children and adults, will love, the plant based hamburgers with barbecue sauce. It may be the joy to eat with hands, it may be the scent of this dish or the yummy taste of barbecue sauce but this recipe is something unique. In addition, it is also prepared with just healthy ingredients. The hamburger is prepared with chickpeas, herbs and spices and the BBQ sauce with tomato, a source of lycopene,...
healthy recipes
Grandma Lina’s stroscia cake, the yummy extra virgin olive oil cake
Every time grandma Lina came back from Imperia, her hometown, located in Liguria, an Italian region, she always brought to us the stroscia cake. Stroscia cake is a typical sweet of Liguria, very scented and really tasty, that, as the grandma always repeated, should not be cut but broken with hands. Indeed, stroscia comes from the dialectal term strosciare that means break. This cake is an amazing snack and healthy dessert, perfect for everybody since it isn’t prepared with butter or eggs but jus...
healthy recipes
Steamed mackerel with caramelized onions
This is a light, healthy but also really yummy recipe! Steamed mackerel maintains the softness of the flesh but also its properties thus being a precious source of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, that are anti inflammatory substances able to protect the heart. Onion, even if cooked in the pan, preserves the antibiotic and diuretic properties, moreover, when onion is sautéed in olive oil, it acts by stimulating and supporting the work of the liver. To complete this healthy dish a vegetable, we ...
healthy recipes

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