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Pumpkin amaretto cake
Here is the typical autumn cake, perfect as a snack, yummy dessert after lunch or delicious sweet for a family Halloween party, thanks to the decorati...
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Chestnut bread
In these autumn days there is a desire for fragrant, nutritious and energy-giving foods. Here is the bread with chestnuts and walnuts, simply deliciou...
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Coconut and chocolate bites
Delicious, this is exactly the only thing you can think when you eat these beauties prepared with coconut and chocolate. A bite, then another and… I c...
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Provence herb bread
A bread that still smells of summer, sun-dried herbs, a light breeze and hills covered with lavender flowers. Today we prepare Provence herb bread, a ...
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Vegan chocolate cold brew affogato
What to do when there is a desire for a special, fresh and tasty dessert? Here is a yummy idea, the vegan chocolate cold brew affogato, perfect for la...
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Sponge cake with cream and cherries
A perfect dessert for this season, tasty and also a friend for the body weight, here is the cake with cream and cherries. A soft sponge cake prepared ...
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Tiramisu cake with white chocolate and lemon
A delicious dessert is good for mood, brings joy and energy. Today we offer a light version of tiramisu, with ricotta cheese, white chocolate and lemo...
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Arabic Pita bread
Here is the recipe to prepare at home a truly delicious, tasty and healthy Arabic pita bread with just unrefined flours. This is really a great way to...
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