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Arabic Pita bread
Here is the recipe to prepare at home a truly delicious, tasty and healthy Arabic pita bread with just unrefined flours. This is really a great way to...
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Easter pound cake with lemon and raspberries
Here is a special sweet for Easter, cheerful, simple to make, tasty and with an eye to health. In fact, the filling of the dessert is a delicious rasp...
healthy recipes
Delicious Cheesecake
I really don’t have other words to describe this cheesecake, simply delicious, seeing is believing! Then it is also a body weight friendly-dessert, it...
healthy recipes
Homemade whole grain multi cereal bread, tasty and healthy
It was a warm summer afternoon of some years ago. I was in Greece and was walking along the street around the main square of the town overlooking the ...
healthy recipes
Blueberry and coconut muffins
Staying at home may become the opportunity to do something all together, with our parents, our children, our partner. And why not preparing yummy muff...
healthy recipes
Whole grain blueberry fruit cake
Here is a yummy recipe for a special breakfast, or snack, rich in taste, energy, fibers and antioxidants! The whole grain blueberry fruit cake is a re...
healthy recipes
Berry crisp
Here is a simple, yummy, healthy and really impressive recipe, berry crisp. Perfect for breakfast, as a snack or as a healthy alternative to the desse...
healthy recipes
Delicious white chocolate and almond truffles… waiting for midnight
Waiting for midnight is a moment of true delight with this yummy, but with an eye on health, recipe, here are for you the white chocolate and almond t...
healthy recipes
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