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Delicious white chocolate and almond truffles… waiting for midnight
Waiting for midnight is a moment of true delight with this yummy, but with an eye on health, recipe, here are for you the white chocolate and almond t...
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Christmas cookies with chocolate and hazelnuts
Christmas is in the air! For this reason, the recipe of the week is dedicated to these delicious Christmas cookies with chocolate, almonds and hazelnu...
healthy recipes
Christmas fruit cake, a yummy and powerful source of energy
The Christmas period is coming and together with this magic month also wet, rainy and cold days, so, there is really the need to have for breakfast or...
healthy recipes
Pumpkin pie
It’s time for a yummy, sweet and scented pumpkin pie, that can be served for breakfast, as a delicious snack or to make parties with friends really sp...
healthy recipes
Plum pie
Here for you a simple and genuine dessert, prepared with the typical ingredient of this period, the plums! The result is a soft and scented cake with ...
healthy recipes
Delicious peach pie
Here is the cake for the summer, perfect for a joyful snack but also for a breakfast rich in taste! Peach pie is a truly delicious dessert, with a fra...
healthy recipes
Cherry cake
Cherry cake is really delicious! So yummy that it will not see the next day, but it is also light, without butter and prepared with just extra virgin ...
healthy recipes
Ice tea with berry syrup
What an amazing summer with the ice tea and berry syrup. This joyful drink is also healthy because it is refreshing and it doesn’t contain too much sw...
healthy recipes
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