Breakfast, sweets and snacks

Waffles with vanilla cream and raspberry-rhubarb sauce
Here for you a very delicious, joyful, energy-full and healthy breakfast! Sweet waffles are a typical recipe of North Europe but their popularity is g...
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Pastiera, spelt Easter cake
Here for you the yummy vegan variant of the Easter traditional sweet of Naples, Pastiera. Almond milk, tofu, unrefined sugar and flours make this rec...
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Mimosa cake
The team of Natural Remedies would like to celebrate the International Women Day with a special recipe, the mimosa cake. This cake is prepared with si...
healthy recipes
Vanilla cream filled mini doughnuts
Today we’ll prepare a special sweet, a revisited version of the classic vanilla cream filled doughnuts. We’ll use spelt flour, brown sugar and plant b...
healthy recipes
Lady’s kisses, or Italian hazelnut cookies
For Saint Valentine or for a normal snack, tell that a person is special to you with a kiss … a lady’s kiss, or bacio di dama, the Italian hazelnut co...
healthy recipes
Avocado Toast with tofu and vegetables
Starter or snack, avocado toast is yummy in every case, it is joyful, colorful and also really healthy thanks to its intake of vitamin E, a powerful a...
healthy recipes
White chocolate pudding with raspberry sauce
Pudding is a classic sweet, easy to prepare and perfect for every occasions for the joy of children and adults! We propose it in the white variant, so...
healthy recipes
Vegan Brownies with raspberry and chocolate sauce, sugar free!
Imagine a soft and scented cake, where the fresh taste of raspberries melts together with the sweetness of cocoa and then imagine a yummy cream compos...
healthy recipes
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