Fish, meat and legumes

Eggplant cutlet with ginger-scented salad
The cutlets taste of childhood, I remember that at home it was always a party when, on Saturday at midday, our mom brought the cutlets with French fri...
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Mushroom cutlets with cabbage salad
A strong immune system is able to reject the external attacks of bacteria and viruses. To boost and support our defenses it is important to have a hea...
healthy recipes
Cuttlefish with artichokes
Here is a simple, healthy and tasty recipe. The cuttlefish with artichokes is a dish that brings proteins, vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and f...
healthy recipes
Stewed octopus with tomatoes
Spicy and tasty, colorful and joyful, here is the stewed octopus, a recipe that everybody will love. And this preparation is also healthy since it is ...
healthy recipes
Broccoli balls
Here is a joyful, scented and yummy way to serve broccoli! Broccoli balls have a soft heart and a crispy breading given by sesame and Brazil nuts, sou...
healthy recipes
Black bean, rice and pumpkin soup
Pumpkin season begins and we use in the recipe of today this tasty and very healthy ingredient that provides antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts as ...
healthy recipes
Chickpea polenta, or Italian panissa, with chard
Grandma Lina often prepared panissa, or paniccia, the simple and tasty chickpea polenta typical of her land, Liguria, a region in Italy. Our grandma a...
healthy recipes
Sea bream wrapped in cooking foil
Baked sea bream is a very tasty, appetizing, healthy and nutritious dish. The sea bream is in fact a source of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, bene...
healthy recipes
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