Fish, meat and legumes

Steamed mackerel with caramelized onions
This is a light, healthy but also really yummy recipe! Steamed mackerel maintains the softness of the flesh but also its properties thus being a preci...
healthy recipes
Chickpeas, tomatoes and sweet potatoes, the shakshuka in Okinawa’s style
Shakshuka is a typical recipe of Tunisia and Morocco but its popularity is growing all over the world with all the vegan and plant based alternatives....
healthy recipes
Veggie tofu curry with basmati rice
This dish is so scented, and what a taste! Tofu curry is the veggie alternative to the classic chicken curry and is an incredible source of precious a...
healthy recipes
Sole fillets with leeks and crunchy cauliflower with pomegranate
Longevity and health are together in this yummy recipe, source of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and mineral salts. Moreover,...
healthy recipes
Seitan Fajitas
When you would like to eat something new and special or for a joyful dinner with friends there are the seitan fajitas wrapped in khoran flour tortilla...
healthy recipes
Sesame shrimp with basmati rice and exotic sauces
A dish to taste on a balcony overlooking the sea or with friends, or also at home savoring its exotic and healthy notes! Sesame shrimp with basmati ri...
healthy recipes
Lemon cuttlefish with spinach
Grandma Lina, who was really an amazing chef, often prepared this recipe with cuttlefish seasoned with garlic, parsley and lemon, really delicious. He...
healthy recipes
Anchovies with seasonal salad
Anchovies are a type of blue fish and an amazing source of proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, useful against cholesterol and with anti inflammatory pro...
healthy recipes
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