Pasta, rice and pies

Black rice with red pesto and marinated tofu
In summer we like to eat refreshing dishes, so, on the summer tables there are cold pasta, mixed or rice salads. Today we propose a very special varia...
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Rice and zucchini pie of aunt Luisa
Mom often tells us that, when she was a child, in summer, when in Liguria, a region in Italy, the yummy trumpet zucchini can be found, aunt Luisa prep...
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Vegetarian sushi, surprising nigiri with pickled ginger
Sushi is a very fascinating, colorful and yummy dish. Here we propose sushi in a vegetarian and… really surprising version. Indeed, we’ll prepare nigi...
healthy recipes
Spaghetti with eggplant and tomato sauce
Here for you a yummy, scented and healthy recipe, really easy to prepare, whole grain spaghetti with eggplant and tomato sauce! The delicate taste of ...
healthy recipes
Risotto with fava beans
This spring risotto is really yummy and tasty, rich of nutrients and very healthy! The semi whole grain rice has slow-release carbs and this avoids th...
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Seafood pasta
It tastes of sea and soft breeze this yummy and very healthy dish! The recipe mixes the slow-release carbohydrates of the whole grain pasta, able in t...
healthy recipes
Whole grain spaghetti with radish leaf pesto
With red radish leaves it is possible to prepare an amazing pesto, with a delicate taste, scented and really rich in antioxidants, the powerful substa...
healthy recipes
Sicilian arancini (rice balls)
Arancini rice balls are a typical recipe of Sicily, an island of Italy. Today we propose this yummy dish in a spring and healthy version, with unrefin...
healthy recipes
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