Pasta, rice and pies

Taste and joy are the main characters of this amazing paella! Here we prepare this recipe with brown rice, that helps avoid dangerous blood sugar spik...
healthy recipes
Penne pasta with artichokes and escarole
Whole grain spelt penne pasta with artichokes and escarole are really a recipe of long life! The whole grain pasta is helpful to avoid the dangerous b...
healthy recipes
Pasta with cauliflower
Pasta with cauliflower, raisins and pine nuts is really a delicious recipe. The flavors blend together and the sweetness of raisins goes perfectly wit...
healthy recipes
Linguine pasta with orange
Linguine pasta with orange is a joyful and scented recipe, but it is also a present that you can make to yourself and to the persons you love because ...
healthy recipes
Risotto with prawns and sea bass
Risotto with prawns and sea bass is a nutrient-rich dish, perfect for every day but it can be also included in the Christmas menu. This recipe brings ...
healthy recipes
Delicious pumpkin bread
Here for you a yummy recipe to prepare an amazing pumpkin bread! Perfect for important occasions but it is also delicious as a bread for every day. It...
healthy recipes
Buckwheat pasta with turnip greens and almonds
Pasta with turnip greens is a typical Italian recipe, really delicious and healthy. Here we propose an even healthier version with buckwheat pasta, ch...
healthy recipes
Radicchio walnut pie
Radicchio walnut pie is a yummy and healthy idea for a lunch or a dinner, you can cut it into pieces and eat both warm and cold, at home, in the offic...
healthy recipes
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