Pasta, rice and pies

Penne pasta with broccoli and Brazil nuts
The recipe of longevity is served! Broccoli, tomatoes, Brazil nuts, garlic and chili pepper make this dish not just really tasty but also a precious s...
healthy recipes
Whole grain pasta with tomato lentil sauce
This recipe is really yummy but also very healthy! It is a complete dish because it combines cereals and legumes, is a precious source of proteins, ca...
healthy recipes
Black rice with zucchini and prawns
With this recipe you don’t age thanks to the powerful antioxidants contained in black rice, rich in anthocyanins that give also the dark color, and th...
healthy recipes
Cold pasta with walnut pesto
Here for you a healthy, joyful and yummy recipe. Perfect to eat at home or also for an outdoor picnic, for a lunch at school or in the office. Cold pa...
healthy recipes
Stuffed vegetables Greek style
I ate this dish for the first time in Greece some years ago and I really love it! Tasty, full of nutrients, antioxidant thanks to the lycopene of cook...
healthy recipes
Stuffed zucchini flowers Italian style
When I ask my mother what she can remember about her summers spent by her aunt in Liguria, a region in Italy, among all the memories the stuffed zucch...
healthy recipes
Spaghetti with octopus
Yummy, nutrient and easy to prepare, this recipe is really special! Spaghetti with octopus are a delicious dish that has the slow-release carbohydrate...
healthy recipes
Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes in the oven
Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes in the oven are a source of healthy ingredients! The cooking in the oven increases indeed the concentration of mineral ...
healthy recipes
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