Salads and side dishes

Delicious eggplants in the oven
Here is a fragrant, cheerful and really tasty dish, delicious eggplants in the oven! Eggplant disks serve as a dish for a tasty filling prepared with ...
healthy recipes
Vegetable big pan with mustard sauce
Here is a yummy recipe for a light and healthy dinner. The big pan of vegetables is a dish rich in fibers, especially inulin, that is a soluble fiber ...
healthy recipes
Yummy starter, where health meets taste
Here are some ideas for the Christmas dinner, a set of yummy and tasty starters, all thought with an eye on health! Let yourself be conquered by the e...
healthy recipes
Peperonata with black rice and kombu beans
Peperonata is a traditional Italian stew of onions and sweet peppers, here we propose it with black rice and beans and we must really say that the res...
healthy recipes
Summer amaranth salad
With summer we like light, simple and scented recipes! Here for you the amaranth salad, that brings vitamins, mineral salts, such as potassium, magnes...
healthy recipes
Avocado and citrus fruit cream
The avocado and citrus fruit cream is a very simple and healthful starter, that has both the antioxidant properties of the citrus fruit and the amazin...
healthy recipes
Tasty vegetable and trio of side dishes
A lot of vegetables for three side dishes that you will love, colorful, tasty and healthy! Ideal as a starter but also to be served together with meat...
healthy recipes
Tzatziki on slices of homemade bread
Tzatziki is a typical starter of the Greek cuisine, it is very tasty, healthful and suitable to be served with different dishes. Tztatziki originates ...
healthy recipes
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