Soup of barley and legumes
Autumn is the season of wind, rain, wet and cold days. So, here for you the recipe for a tasty soup prepared with barley and legumes, a nutritionally ...
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Italian Acquacotta soup
Today we’ll see a yummy and healthy version of the Tuscan recipe acquacotta soup, prepared with onion, chicory, a vegetable with powerful digestive pr...
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Onion soup
Onion soup is the perfect recipe for winter and the coldest days, it is able to heat from the inside by stimulating the thermogenesis and with also a ...
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Pumpkin soup
In the cold evenings of winter is there something better than a hot pumpkin soup? Easy to prepare, yummy, nutritious, healthy and able to fill with co...
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Tuscan Ribollita Soup
In cold days there is nothing better than a delicious soup that warms up from the inside, and we aren’t speaking about a normal soup but about Tuscan ...
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Andalusian Gazpacho with black rice
The Andalusian gazpacho is a healthy and scented recipe of summer. It is a source of vitamins, antioxidants and mineral salts, is fresh and light and ...
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Vegetable and barley soup
Vegetable and barley soup is a typical winter soup, can heat from the inside, is nutrient and healthy. Barley is indeed a very interesting cereal, it ...
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Pasta and bean soup
Pasta and bean soup is a tasty recipe prepared with legumes and whole grain pasta, complete from the nutritional point of view and very satiating! Mor...
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