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Berry crisp
Here is a simple, yummy, healthy and really impressive recipe, berry crisp. Perfect for breakfast, as a snack or as a healthy alternative to the desse...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Penne pasta with olives and turnip greens
Here is for you a healthy recipe, a powerful source of antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts and rich in taste! It is a variant of the classic spag...
Pasta, rice and pies
Delicious white chocolate and almond truffles… waiting for midnight
Waiting for midnight is a moment of true delight with this yummy, but with an eye on health, recipe, here are for you the white chocolate and almond t...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Yummy starter, where health meets taste
Here are some ideas for the Christmas dinner, a set of yummy and tasty starters, all thought with an eye on health! Let yourself be conquered by the e...
Salads and side dishes
Spaghetti with Mediterranean sauce
Scent, taste and health, here is the pasta seasoned with Mediterranean sauce, perfect for all the seasons and also easy and quick to prepare, a really...
Pasta, rice and pies
Minestrone peasant-style
Here is a yummy, nutritious and healthy recipe, the minestrone peasant-style that will warm you up also in the coldest evening! Just a lot of vegetabl...
Christmas cookies with chocolate and hazelnuts
Christmas is in the air! For this reason, the recipe of the week is dedicated to these delicious Christmas cookies with chocolate, almonds and hazelnu...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Creamy whole grain spelt pasta
Here is a yummy and surprising recipe, whole grain spelt pasta seasoned with a sauce of pear, walnuts and Roquefort blue cheese. Creamy, complete from...
Pasta, rice and pies
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