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Delicious pasta with creamy pumpkin sauce
The World Pasta Day, the day dedicated to pasta, was just a few days ago and we honor this delicious food, so healthy and versatile, with a yummy reci...
Pasta, rice and pies
Pumpkin pie
It’s time for a yummy, sweet and scented pumpkin pie, that can be served for breakfast, as a delicious snack or to make parties with friends really sp...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Soup of barley and legumes
Autumn is the season of wind, rain, wet and cold days. So, here for you the recipe for a tasty soup prepared with barley and legumes, a nutritionally ...
Spelt pasta with savoy cabbage
Autumn is time for cabbages, healthy, antioxidant and anti cancer! Well, today we propose for you an amazing recipe, whole grain spelt pasta with savo...
Pasta, rice and pies
Vegan shepherd’s pasta
Shepherd’s pasta, in Italian pasta alla pastora, is a recipe rich in taste and nutrients typical of South Tirol, a region in the very north of Italy n...
Pasta, rice and pies
Plum pie
Here for you a simple and genuine dessert, prepared with the typical ingredient of this period, the plums! The result is a soft and scented cake with ...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Delicious bitter and sweet buckwheat pasta
Delicious bitter and sweet buckwheat pasta, heaven is here, full of colors, tastes and healthy properties! For this recipe we have thought to mix the ...
Pasta, rice and pies
Black bean, rice and pumpkin soup
Pumpkin season begins and we use in the recipe of today this tasty and very healthy ingredient that provides antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts as ...
Fish, meat and legumes
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