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Spelt pasta with savoy cabbage
Autumn is time for cabbages, healthy, antioxidant and anti cancer! Well, today we propose for you an amazing recipe, whole grain spelt pasta with savoy cabbage. The unrefined pasta is a powerful source of energy and avoids the dangerous blood sugar spikes while savoy cabbage, with a delicate taste, goes very well with the stronger note given by goat cheese, source of precious proteins and calcium. And if you prefer not to use the cheese, you can give more taste to your dish in this way, sauté th...
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Vegan shepherd’s pasta
Shepherd’s pasta, in Italian pasta alla pastora, is a recipe rich in taste and nutrients typical of South Tirol, a region in the very north of Italy nestled between the mountains. This dish, perfect to face the first days of autumns, is yummy and rustic, prepared with genuine and simple ingredients offered by woods and gardens such as tomatoes, powerful source of lycopene, an antioxidant, peas and mushrooms, rich in fibers, purifying and able to support the immune system and the heart. The recip...
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Plum pie
Here for you a simple and genuine dessert, prepared with the typical ingredient of this period, the plums! The result is a soft and scented cake with a crunchy note given by almonds and a juicy and slightly sour touch of the plums. Flours and sugar are unrefined and the butter is replaced by extra virgin olive oil, milk and yogurt that, for vegan people or persons that are lactose intolerant, may be plant based, such as soy or rice. It only remains for me to wish to you all an enjoyable snack wi...
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Delicious bitter and sweet buckwheat pasta
Delicious bitter and sweet buckwheat pasta, heaven is here, full of colors, tastes and healthy properties! For this recipe we have thought to mix the sweetness of sweet potatoes, rich in antioxidants, with the bitter note given by chicory, useful to improve digestion and to purify the liver. To make this amazing dish even richer we have added also a handful of pistachios, crunchy and precious source of vitamins and mineral salts. Finally, a healthy extra note is given by the peel of sweet potato...
healthy recipes
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