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Vegetable big pan with mustard sauce
Here is a yummy recipe for a light and healthy dinner. The big pan of vegetables is a dish rich in fibers, especially inulin, that is a soluble fiber ...
Salads and side dishes
Valentine’s day fettuccine
Some people consider it a marketing gimmick, other people don’t even want to hear about it and there are people who see it as an occasion to celebrate...
Pasta, rice and pies
Whole grain blueberry fruit cake
Here is a yummy recipe for a special breakfast, or snack, rich in taste, energy, fibers and antioxidants! The whole grain blueberry fruit cake is a re...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Mini vegetable pies in fillo pastry
Here is a saving dinner recipe. We are often in a hurry and so, how we can find the time to prepare something that is yummy and healthy at the same ti...
Pasta, rice and pies
Stewed octopus with tomatoes
Spicy and tasty, colorful and joyful, here is the stewed octopus, a recipe that everybody will love. And this preparation is also healthy since it is ...
Fish, meat and legumes
Broccoli balls
Here is a joyful, scented and yummy way to serve broccoli! Broccoli balls have a soft heart and a crispy breading given by sesame and Brazil nuts, sou...
Fish, meat and legumes
Berry crisp
Here is a simple, yummy, healthy and really impressive recipe, berry crisp. Perfect for breakfast, as a snack or as a healthy alternative to the desse...
Breakfast, sweets and snacks
Penne pasta with olives and turnip greens
Here is for you a healthy recipe, a powerful source of antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts and rich in taste! It is a variant of the classic spag...
Pasta, rice and pies
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