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Spaghetti with raw tomato sauce
In the summer heat there is a desire for nutritious and fresh dishes! Here we offer spaghetti with raw tomato sauce! This spaghetti recipe is reminera...
Pasta, rice and pies
Traditional anchovy soup of Grandma Lina
I found this soup in grandma's old cookbook. The handwriting of grandmother Lina speaks of a really yummy dish, which tastes of sea, breeze and summer...
Fish, meat and legumes
Pepper and scallop pasta
A dish that tastes of summer and sea, pasta with peppers and scallops! Scallops are a source of selenium, which is a powerful antioxidant, and of zinc...
Pasta, rice and pies
Aubergines with herbs, black rice and salad
The juicy aubergines melt in the mouth while the aromas of basil and mint mix with the crunchy note of dried fruit and the sweeter flavor of black ric...
Fish, meat and legumes
Crunchy pasta with tomato sauce
Pasta with tomato sauce always makes everyone happy, simple, light and healthy. Here we want to offer you a tasty variant, the crunchy pasta risotto t...
Pasta, rice and pies
Eggplant cutlet with ginger-scented salad
The cutlets taste of childhood, I remember that at home it was always a party when, on Saturday at midday, our mom brought the cutlets with French fri...
Fish, meat and legumes
Summer pasta with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes
Here is a simple summer dish, rich in vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants! Summer pasta with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes is light, digestibl...
Pasta, rice and pies
Puffed rice porridge with chocolate drops and berries
I can still feel the sweet and delicious taste of this porridge made with puffed rice, cashew milk, maple syrup, chocolate drops and berries. A real d...
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