DIY remedies

Java Island, the destination of those who are seeking the peace of the mind
The island of Java welcomes us with the colors and friendliness of Yogyakarta, its cultural capital. From there we decide to leave for Borobudur, a te...
DIY remedies
Bright and young skin with Sicilian cosmetics
Fifth century BC, the city of Akragas was affected by a plague brought on by mosquitoes that proliferated in the stagnant waters that reached the sea....
DIY remedies
Tangier, the white city from which you can admire the sea while sipping mint tea
Tangier is called the white city and we just need a glance to understand why. Its buildings shine with their dazzling white as they reflect on the blu...
DIY remedies
Gibraltar, or the limit of the known world
The limestone rock seems to be cut cleanly while, steep, it flows into the sea. We are in Gibraltar, a strip of land that has always been represented ...
DIY remedies
Anti age and soothing fruit face mask
The rhythm of samba is addictive while in front of us unfold the houses of Rio de Janeiro, magically nestled in the bay of Guanabara. The profile of S...
DIY remedies
Mysterious Cambodia and a cup of… blue tea
There is a place on Earth where nature embraces civilization, ancient beliefs and traditions merge with the jungle, we are in Cambodia and the incredi...
DIY remedies
Sugar, coconut, sun and sea ... Cape Verde welcomes you!
Today Route 66 takes us to Cape Verde, an archipelago of volcanic origin off the coast of Senegal. From the island of Sal, the obligatory passage to a...
DIY remedies
Norwegian flatbrod and a ship that plows the sea across the fjord
The ship seems to challenge nature as it cuts through the waters and makes its way in the bay of the sea surrounded by precipitous gorges. A fairy lig...
DIY remedies
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