DIY remedies

Homemade yogurt with probiotics
Today we will see how to prepare at home yogurt with probiotics both with and without a yogurt maker. We will also see how to prepare yogurt starting ...
DIY remedies
Quince jam, sugar free and rich in antioxidants
Quince jam is a delicious beauty, naturally sweet, creamy and scented. It is prepared without adding sugar and is a valuable source of antioxidants. I...
DIY remedies
Pear and ginger jam, sugar free
Today we’ll prepare a special, sugar free, pear and ginger jam! A delicious beauty, the pear brings sweetness and softness that go very well with the ...
DIY remedies
DIY anti mosquito repellent spray
Today we prepare together the anti mosquito spray, simple and practical, to always have with you! This spray, thanks to the essential oils used, such ...
DIY remedies
Vegan chocolate ice cream with berries
A spoon of fresh and fragrant ice cream that melts in your mouth! How can you resist the ice cream that we will prepare today? The recipe we are going...
DIY remedies
Homemade brewer’s yeast
Today we’ll prepare at home the brewer’s yeast! Step by step we’ll see how to self-produce this ingredient, really indispensable but sometimes, unluck...
DIY remedies
The tale of the caterpillar and the butterfly
Here is another story dedicated to the little ones, but also the adults will like it because it talks about how important it is never to give up, to d...
DIY remedies
The source of dreams, a tale for everyone
Once upon a time there was an enchanted country, called the country of Clear Water. It was called in this way because the town overlooked a lake with ...
DIY remedies

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DIY remedies
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