DIY remedies

The story of the hummingbird
This is an ancient African story. It is dedicated to children, that are living this difficult moment, and to adults. Because imagining and entering in...
DIY remedies
Angel wings in the oven, the yummy Carnival pastries
Today we’ll prepare the angel wings in a variant a little different from usual. Indeed, we’ll prepare these tasty sweets of Carnival in the oven and b...
DIY remedies
Facial yoga against wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging cheeks
Facial yoga is a gym for the muscles of the face. If done with constancy facial yoga helps improve the tone of the skin, that will appear more plumped...
DIY remedies
Happy New Year! And here is the amazing year that we spent together…
Happy New Year from team of Natural Remedies with our best wishes that it may be, for you all, a year rich in health, serenity and love. And in the me...
DIY remedies
Kariokes, the chocolate and walnut Christmas sweets
Christmas is coming, bringing to all of us joy, harmony but also scent of just baked pastries! Also here at Natural Remedies we are in the festive atm...
DIY remedies
Tiger balm, anti inflammatory and analgesic
Today we’ll prepare at home a powerful and beneficial remedy, the tiger balm. Despite the name, this ointment has nothing to do with tiger but it is p...
DIY remedies
Butterbeer, the delicious drink for bewitched parties
Halloween is coming, here for you a nice recipe to impress friends and family but also suitable for every special occasion, the butterbeer. Although b...
DIY remedies
How to make at home the vegetable bouillon cube
In the video of today we’ll prepare together the veggie stock cube, easy, genuine and healthy, able to give to your recipes a lot of taste! We’ll use ...
DIY remedies
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