DIY remedies

Butterbeer, the delicious drink for bewitched parties
Halloween is coming, here for you a nice recipe to impress friends and family but also suitable for every special occasion, the butterbeer. Although b...
DIY remedies
How to make at home the vegetable bouillon cube
In the video of today we’ll prepare together the veggie stock cube, easy, genuine and healthy, able to give to your recipes a lot of taste! We’ll use ...
DIY remedies
Tonic of the Queen of Hungary, the elixir of youth for the skin
The tonic of the Queen of Hungary is a cosmetic around which incredible legends have been born that describe it as a miraculous lotion able to restore...
DIY remedies
Homemade aftersun cream with coconut oil and aloe vera, refreshing, nourishing and soothing
Sun, sea, wind, in summer the skin is very stressed. In the video of today we’ll see how to prepare a powerful and effective aftersun body cream with ...
DIY remedies
On the road 2019, Route 66
Hi everybody! Also for this amazing and hot summer we have thought to add the section dedicated to trip and holidays, to natural remedies and to the r...
DIY remedies
Coconut and raspberry ice lollies, simply delicious
Fresh, healthy and yummy, these are the ice lollies with raspberries and coconut that we’ll make in this video. And what about the ingredients? Just a...
DIY remedies
DIY sprouts, how to grow them at home and their properties
Sprouts are rich in healthy properties, they are, in fact, a powerful source of vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and precious anticancer substanc...
DIY remedies
DIY natural dishwasher detergent with lemons
Are you fresh out of dishwasher detergent and you don’t know what to use? Or maybe you have decided to use just products that respect your health and ...
DIY remedies
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