DIY remedies

DIY anti mosquito repellent spray
Today we prepare together the anti mosquito spray, simple and practical, to always have with you! This spray, thanks to the essential oils used, such ...
DIY remedies
Exotic tomatoes from Guadeloupe
It may be that we love the sea and that our eyes are never satiated with expanses of clear water that shines in the sun rays, it may be that it makes ...
DIY remedies
Agua de sapo, the Caribbean drink
A hammock strung between two palm trees, the refreshing and natural shade that lets some sun rays filter through, white sand and blue water that looks...
DIY remedies
Sweet Cornish saffron bread
We walk on the dirt path that winds on the cliff, around us green meadows and further down rocks and a few beaches. Our gaze is lost on the horizon wh...
DIY remedies
Mexican facial steam bath
The Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan soars above us while we admire ecstatic at this marvelous work of man. Our attention is captured by the imposing stairca...
DIY remedies
Vegan chocolate ice cream with berries
A spoon of fresh and fragrant ice cream that melts in your mouth! How can you resist the ice cream that we will prepare today? The recipe we are going...
DIY remedies
For our US stop ... cheesecake in glasses!
New York, the metropolis with infinite skyscrapers, with glass and steel walls around which unfold the streets that lead everywhere and nowhere. Traff...
DIY remedies
Noni, the juice of long life that comes from Polynesia
The paddle dives into the crystal clear sea, while water droplets gush by rippling the surface. We are on a canoe, the typical Polynesian canoe, of th...
DIY remedies
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