DIY remedies

Coffee infused oil against cellulite and eye bags
How to exploit the properties of caffeine contained in the coffee beans to counteract cellulite, water retention, varicose veins but also eye bags and...
DIY remedies
Solid Hand Cream
Soaps, water and temperature changes may damage the skin of hands, that tends to appear dry, cracked or with wounds. A good hand cream helps restore t...
DIY remedies
Gingerbread house
Magic happens with the gingerbread house, really delicious and scented! Today we’ll prepare it together and we’ll use unrefined flour, brown sugar, pl...
DIY remedies
The Advent Calendar 2018
According to tradition, the Advent Calendar shows the days until the Christmas Eve from the first day of December. Every day is represented by a windo...
DIY remedies
Facial yoga against wrinkles
Is it possible to smooth the wrinkles, to counteract the eye bags and to look up to three years younger without expensive cosmetic products or invasiv...
DIY remedies
Sugar-free plum jam, easy and tasty!
What is better in the morning than a slice of whole grain bread and a thin spread of jam to obtain the maximum energy? But in order to avoid an excess...
DIY remedies
Herbal Pillow
Imagine you can go to sleep with the balsamic and calming scent of the mountain herbs! From now you will be able to do this thanks to the today’s vide...
DIY remedies
Refreshing body spray
Peppermint, basil, green tea and grapeseed oil, these are some ingredients of this amazing product that you can prepare by yourself, in a few and easy...
DIY remedies
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