DIY remedies

On the road 2019, Route 66
Hi everybody! Also for this amazing and hot summer we have thought to add the section dedicated to trip and holidays, to natural remedies and to the r...
DIY remedies
Coconut and raspberry ice lollies, simply delicious
Fresh, healthy and yummy, these are the ice lollies with raspberries and coconut that we’ll make in this video. And what about the ingredients? Just a...
DIY remedies
DIY sprouts, how to grow them at home and their properties
Sprouts are rich in healthy properties, they are, in fact, a powerful source of vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and precious anticancer substanc...
DIY remedies
DIY natural dishwasher detergent with lemons
Are you fresh out of dishwasher detergent and you don’t know what to use? Or maybe you have decided to use just products that respect your health and ...
DIY remedies
Chocolate Easter eggs
A shell of dark chocolate, crispy and scented, with a creamy and soft core inside prepared with almonds and dark chocolate or coconut, amaranth and wh...
DIY remedies
Homemade scrub soap
In the shower or when you wash your face, with a single gesture, thanks to the scrub soap, you can cleanse the skin and exfoliate it, eliminating dead...
DIY remedies
Coffee infused oil against cellulite and eye bags
How to exploit the properties of caffeine contained in the coffee beans to counteract cellulite, water retention, varicose veins but also eye bags and...
DIY remedies
Solid Hand Cream
Soaps, water and temperature changes may damage the skin of hands, that tends to appear dry, cracked or with wounds. A good hand cream helps restore t...
DIY remedies
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