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Probiotics and yogurt
The scientists have given a name to it in order to indicate its importance and complexity, they call it microbiota. Microbiota is constituted by the tens of thousands of billions of bacteria that live in our gut and that are able to influence our health condition. Scientific researchers have indeed observed that the microbiota isn’t just responsible for the digestion but also that it plays a role in supporting the immune system. The gut bacteria indeed teach to the defense cells how to recognize...
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Hypericum oil
Hypericum, scientific name Hypericum perforatum, is a well-known and appreciated medicinal plant of the Clusiaceae family. Hypericum is also called St. John's Wort since its maximum flowering falls around June 24, St. John's Day. This plant is a natural remedy that can be used both internally, in fact, it is able to counteract depression, and for topical applications. In this post we will focus our attention on its cosmetic properties and on the effects of external uses of hypericum, in particul...
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Litsea essential oil
Litsea, scientific name Litsea cubeba, is a plant belonging to the Lauraceae family native to Japan, Taiwan and China. From its fruits and leaves a lemony essential oil is produced through distillation. This essential oil is characterized by important healthy properties studied a lot by science. Litsea essential oil shows indeed excellent antimicrobial properties, it is anti inflammatory, anti fungal and it is also able to keep away insects (Su et al, Nat Prod Commun, Apr 2016 – Yang et al, Mole...
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Colorful eating
Orange, red, green or blue, how wonderful the fruit’s and vegetable’s colors are! But these colors aren’t just joyful and fascinating but reflect also the presence of antioxidant compounds that, in addition to giving the color, determine also the healthy properties of the food. We are speaking about carotenoids, anthocyanins and flavonoids, substances that counteract the aging processes and that we can take by varying the type, and therefore the color, of fruit and vegetables that we serve on th...
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