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Black currant, herbal tea
The blackcurrant, scientific name ribes nigrum, is a shrub of the Grossulariaceae family, can reach 2 meters in height and is characterized by very dark fruits or berries. In herbal medicine, different parts of blackcurrant are used, for example its young buds are used to prepare glycerine macerate, which we have already talked about previously as a remedy for allergies. But even the blackcurrant leaves, once dried, are very interesting in the herbal medicine field and are the ingredients for po...
natural remedies
Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 18, the facial massage of the goddess Isis
According to an ancient Egyptian legend, Isis, the bride of the god Osiris and mother of Horus, the falcon-headed deity, had the habits to look for rose quartz stones in the Nile and to pass them on the face and around the eyes. In this way, in fact, according to the legend, she took care of her divine beauty by fighting time and wrinkles and showing always a bright skin. Stone massage has gained much fame over the centuries and in different parts of the world, becoming a fundamental technique o...
natural remedies
Slow cosmetique, the beauty remedies of winter
With cold, the skin changes, dehydration increases and the skin barrier tends to deteriorate (Weistenhoefer et al, J Toxicol Environ Health A, 2016). Therefore, in winter the consequences may be dry and dehydrated skin and more skin irritations. As for wrinkles, crow's feet and untoned skin, these conditions are not connected to seasonal changes as they are the result of slow skin aging, working over the years and certainly not in months (Fanian et al, Clin Interv Aging , 2013). However, wrinkle...
natural remedies
Healthy in the kitchen, the acrylamide
Acrylamide is a toxic substance found in foods rich in carbohydrates and subjected to frying, roasting and baking and classified by the IARC as a probable carcinogen for humans. However, even nowadays, there is no certainty about its effects on health. In fact, acrylamide is known to be neurotoxic and harmful to the liver, lungs and kidneys, however, at the doses taken with food there is no evidence that it can cause tumors. In any case, the studies have all focused on the short-term effects and...
natural remedies
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