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B vitamins
The B vitamins are a group of eight water-soluble vitamins that play an essential role in the functioning of the body's cells. In fact, they participate in the synthesis of DNA and guarantee the good health of the nervous and immune systems (Kennedy et al, Nutrients, 2016). Since the B vitamins are not stored in the body for a long time, they should be replenished regularly through a varied diet (Schellack et al, SAPJ, 2015). Following the Mediterranean diet has shown to increase the levels of m...
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Beeswax, a true beauty cosmetic
Beeswax is, as the name suggests, a natural wax produced by worker bees. Then, honey bees use this wax to build honeycomb cells where honey is stored. When beekeepers extract honey they also obtain the wax that is used for the production of candles, modeling waxes, polishing products but also for cosmetics. Used in cosmetics, in fact, beeswax is able to give to the product its precious properties that are the topic of the article of today. Beeswax in beauty products - Beeswax is used as an emu...
natural remedies
Chamomile, mother tincture
Chamomile, scientific name chamomilla vulgaris or Matricaria chamomilla of the Compositae family, is probably one of the oldest remedies known to humans. From this plant various herbal products are obtained such as essential oils or herbal teas but also a mother tincture, a beneficial and practical remedy that we will discuss in this article. Chamomile mother tincture, properties - Chamomile mother tincture, thanks to the substances contained in it such as terpenoids and flavonoids, the main a...
natural remedies
Champaca essential oil
Magnolia champaca, or Michelia champaca, is a type of magnolia characterized by highly scented flowers. And is from the champaca’s flowers that essential oils rich in volatile compounds are extracted, used in the cosmetic industry to produce perfumes and in herbal field for aromatherapy. Champaca essential oil, properties – Champaca essential oil has a warm and fascinating aroma, able to warm up the heart and to bring calm and serenity. In fact, this essential oil relaxes directly the nervous ...
essential oils
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