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Aloe vera, not only a useful remedy but also an anti-pollution plant!
Surrounding yourself with plants improves the mood, wakes up the sense of life and serenity. But plants may be also useful to improve the places where we live thanks not just to their ornamental role but also because they can clean the air by removing several pollutants. The plants aren’t all effective in the same way, however, there is a list drawn up by the scientists of NASA in the 80s that includes 50 plants found to be particularly effective against toxic substances. The study, performed by...
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Longevity diet Part 2, drinks and foods in Okinawa
Okinawa, an archipelago in the East China sea, is considered the country of centenarians. A special mix of healthy diet, antioxidant drinks and exercises able to keep the body flexible and active makes the lifespan of the inhabitants of Okinawa very long. In the previous post we have seen the first part of the Okinawa’s guide lines. Today we’ll the second part, according to the study of the scientists Bradley Willcox and Craig Willcox, who spent much time in Okinawa in order to understand the li...
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Slow Cosmetique, what to do against cellulite and stagnation
Focusing again on the importance of the skin and its needs, this is the purpose of Slow Cosmetique, the movement born in Belgium with the aim to make it clear that the skin absorbs what is applied on it. Creams, serums, lotions, massage oils, sometimes they are prepared with effective and natural ingredients but often, unfortunately, with substances that do not bring real benefits or that can even be irritating if not dangerous. Sometimes it takes little to have a great cosmetic, by using what n...
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Tea tree, the first aid always with you
Melaleuca alternifolia, also known as tea tree, is a plant belonging to the Mirtaceae family native to Australia. From the distillation of its leaves and the final brunches of the plant an amazing essential oil is obtained, used and appreciated for more than 100 years in Australia but whose renown is growing worldwide. Instead, the tea tree leaves are an ancient remedy of Australian Aborigine tradition used before the essential oil. These leaves were applied indeed as a poultice on wounds or use...
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