Ajaneyasana – Second part (Crescent moon pose)

Crescent moon pose improves concentration, balance and breath. It tones the muscles of the legs and relaxes the back. In the previous lesson we practiced with preparatory exercises for this asana, today we’ll do the pose after a little workout for muscles and joints.
Start with the preparatory exercises. Stay on all fours on your yoga mat, bring the right leg between your arms, the knee bends and does not go beyond the ankle in order to avoid to put too much weight on the foot.
Exhale and extend the leg, the back bends and the forehead approaches the right knee. Inhale and return to the initial pose, the right leg bends and the torso raises. Keep on with this exercise twice.
At the end of this first part of the yoga practice you stay with the right leg bent, the right foot between your hands. Try to put your arms on the right leg. If you can remain balanced and you don’t have pain, try to raise the arms towards the ceiling. Stay in this pose for some breaths.
Put your arms down and put the hands on the yoga mat.
Repeat all the sequence with the other leg.
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