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Anantasana, the yoga pose of the divinity
Video Anantasana, the yoga pose of the divinity

Anantasana, the yoga pose of the divinity

Anantasana, or yoga pose of Vishnu, reproduces the movements of the Hindu god Vishnu. The sequence that we are going to practice today will lead us, at the end, to do precisely Anantasana with benefits for balance, for the muscles of the legs, which are gently stretched, for flexibility but also for the mind.
In fact, keeping in balance while practicing anantasana helps to focus the attention in the here and now as thoughts flow and don’t fill the mind. In this way, the stress simply dissolves.
You are on the left side, the legs are stretched out and the head is resting on the arm. Raise your right leg, bend your knee and rest your foot on the thigh, at the height of your left knee. The right hand grasps the ankle. Stay in the position for a few breaths.
The legs are stretched. Raise your head and place it on your left hand. The right hand presses against the mat. Raise both legs, then lower them, raise them again. After a few cycles, keep your legs raised. Raise your right leg and bring it higher. Then bring it close to your left leg and up again. So on for a few breaths.
The left foot forms a 90° angle to maintain balance. Hook the big toe of your right foot with your index and middle fingers and stretch your leg upwards in anantasana, the final position. Breathe and stay in the pose. Then, repeat the whole sequence on the other side
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