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Burn fat with the boat yoga pose
Video Burn fat with the boat yoga pose

Burn fat with the boat yoga pose

The boat yoga pose and its variations that we will see today help burn fat, especially belly fat, are useful to detox the body, improve digestion and tone legs and abs.
Finally, this sequence counteracts anxiety.
You are sitting on the yoga mat. The legs are bent and the back straight. Go with the torso slightly backwards and lift the feet from the ground. The legs make a 90° angle. Stay in balance and stretch the arms towards the floor. This is the first boat yoga pose variation.
Sit on the yoga mat. Go backwards with the torso and lift the feet from the ground. One leg is bent and the other is stretched in front of you. Stretch the arms forwards. Stay in balance and breathe. Repeat now the exercise by changing the legs.
Finally, from the sitting position, go backward with the torso and lift both the feet. Stretch the legs forward in order to make with the body a V shape and bring the arms parallel to the legs. This is the boat yoga pose, stay in the pose for some breaths.
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