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Burn fats with the yoga bow pose
Video Burn fats with the yoga bow pose

Burn fats with the yoga bow pose

The yoga bow pose is really helpful to burn the fats, especially that in the abdominal zone, but it improves also digestion and strengthens the muscles of glutes and legs. Moreover, bow pose is also useful to remove the tensions of the back bone. Don’t practice this yoga pose during pregnancy or if you suffer from hernia.
Before starting with the practice of bow pose, we can prepare our back with the cat pose. You are on all fours, exhale and start rounding the back toward the ceiling from the low back until the neck. Then inhale and return in the neutral pose where neck, shoulders and back bone form a line.
Now, lie on your stomach, bend the knees and grab the ankles. Lift the head and the chest and, by tightening the glutes, lift also the knees while the feet go toward the ceiling. The arms don’t raise the legs but help just to make the pose stable. Stay in the bow pose for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes maximum, breathe.
After the bow pose let’s relax with the child pose. You are sitting on your heels, bend forward the torso and lean the forehead on your stacked fists. Breathe and feel the effects of the yoga exercises inside you.
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