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Detox Yoga, the twisting poses
Video Detox Yoga, the twisting poses

Detox Yoga, the twisting poses

Today we purify the body from the toxins accumulated during winter thanks to the twisting poses. The twists are yoga asana that involve a rotation of the torso, in this way the internal organs are squeezed and the blood flow decreases. When you return to the initial pose, the blood flows again abundantly by removing the toxins and impurities, the twists help also digestion and counteract swollen belly and stagnations.
You are standing on the yoga mat, spread the legs. Rotate the right foot 90 degrees, hands on your hips and rotate the torso until the left elbow can be placed on the right thigh. The palms of the hands are pressed together and the head looks over the right shoulder. Breathe, then return to the initial pose and repeat by changing the body side.
Sit on the floor, legs are stretched forwards. Bend the right leg and bring the left elbow beyond the right knee. The right hand is behind the back and the head looks over the shoulder. Breathe, then repeat by changing body side.
You are on your stomach, the torso is lifted and the body weight is on the elbows. Bend the left knee and lift the thigh form the floor. Bring the foot towards the right hip, at the same time the right arm goes above the left one and the head looks over the shoulder. Breathe, then change body side.
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