Exercises for the sixth chakra, Part Two

Today we’ll see other beneficial yoga exercises to unlock and strengthen the sixth chakra, also called the third eye, placed right in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes. Connected to this chakra are sight, hearing and smell, but also the ability to concentrate and listen to the own inner voice.
An exercise for the sixth chakra is as follows. You are on all four, bring your right knee towards your forehead and then stretch your leg backwards. Lift also the left arm and stretch it forward, try to draw a line between the left arm and the right leg. Then repeat with the other leg.
You are sitting with your legs extended forward. Bend the left leg by keeping the foot on the ground. The left hand leans behind the back. By pressing lightly on the left knee with the right hand lift the hips. Complete the yoga sequence by stretching the right arm backwards, the head and neck also follow this movement. Repeat on the other side.
You are sitting with your legs extended forward. Bend the right knee outwards and bring the foot as close as possible to the basin. Bend your torso forward while keeping your back straight. Then bring your right foot beyond the left thigh and bend your torso by trying to reach your left foot. Repeat with the other leg.
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