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Eye exercises against eye strain, the sunning
Video Eye exercises against eye strain, the sunning

Eye exercises against eye strain, the sunning

Today we see a beneficial eye exercise to protect the eyesight, the sunning. Sunning, which consists in exposing the eyes with lowered eyelids to sunlight, helps to relax the tensions that accumulate in the eye muscles, allowing the eyes to work better.
Not only that, scientific studies have also observed that exposure to sunlight strengthens the retina, stimulating the production of antioxidants capable of counteracting degeneration.
You can stand or sit. Turn your face to the sunlight, closing your eyes. If you wear glasses take them off. Relax.
Move your head from top to bottom, slowly, then from right to left. This movement is important to make sure that the sun's rays hit every corner of the eyes.
If you feel your eyes water, simply cover first one eye with one hand and then the other. Don't rub your eyes even if you may feel the need to. Imagine every cell that is active and functioning inside your eye, imagine the cells that receive nourishment from the sun's rays, feel the muscles relax.
At the end of the practice, gently massage the area around the eyes.
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