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Eye massage to improve eyesight
Video Eye massage to improve eyesight

Eye massage to improve eyesight

A very interesting scientific research has recently been published (Hayashi et al, Int J Ther Massage Bodywork, 2021) in which the benefits of eye massage have been demonstrated. In particular, this massage made it possible to increase the blood flow to the eyes and the optic nerve and to improve eyesight and accommodation capacity. Today we will practice this sequence of eye massage together, as described in the aforementioned article.
Place your thumbs at the base of your eyebrows, towards your nose. Make 8 small circular motions by pressing lightly.
Now place your thumb and forefinger of one hand, it does not matter whether it is right or left hand, on the sides of the nose, at the highest point where the nose joins the forehead. Press lightly towards the face, then slide your fingers and skin outwards, away from the face. Repeat 8 times.
Draw an imaginary vertical line that passes through the pupils and a horizontal one that passes through the nostrils. Where the points meet, place your index fingers. Draw 8 circular movements by pressing lightly.
Place your thumbs on your temples. Bend your other fingers slightly. Place the knuckles of the index fingers on the upper eyelids and gently slide the knuckles starting from the area closest to the nose and then towards the temples. Repeat 4 times. Then perform the same movement by sliding the knuckles of the index fingers on the lower eyelids.
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