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Flat belly with pilates
Video Flat belly with pilates

Flat belly with pilates

Today we are very excited because we start with the new Pilates and Fitness section! In this post we’ll show the pilates exercise called spine twist supine, a targeted practice that has the aim to strengthen the oblique and abdominal muscles, for a flat belly, but is also useful to make the spine stable and flexible.
You are lying on the back, open the arms with the palms facing down and pushing against the floor. Lift the legs with bent knees and form a right angle.
Inhale and move the legs to the right side as one unit. Don’t arrive to the floor but just until both the shoulders are both on the mat. Turn the head to the other side.
Exhale and bring again the legs to the initial pose. Go on in this way. Now we can add a difficulty, when you have the legs to the side, try to stretch them, then bend them again and bring them to the middle. Go on with the exercise but pay attention to the breath, that should be together with the movements of the body while the arms are active to give stability to the body.
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