Gomukhasana, the yoga pose that improves the posture and the breath

Gomukhasana, or cow face pose, is a yoga exercise that results very helpful in order to stretch the muscles of the legs and arms, to fortify the back and to improve the posture and the breath.
Start rotating the shoulders, in one direction and in the other direction.
Bend now the right leg and slide the right foot under the left leg to the outside of the left hip. The outer right leg is along the floor. Cross now the left leg over the right leg, the left heel should be placed near the outer part of the right side. If you feel pain, you can try to sit on a yoga brick.
Raise your left arm above the head and bend the elbow in order to have your hand between the shoulder blades. Bend now also the right arm behind the back. Try, if you can, to hook the right and left fingers together. But remember, stop if you feel pain.
Breathe, relax all the tensions and stay in the pose for some minutes. Repeat now by changing body side.
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