Heart Chakra Second Part, let’s boost the immune system and counteract asthma and bronchitis

Today we’ll see the second part of the yoga dedicated to the heart chakra. The asanas thought for the heart chakra are useful for the wellbeing of the body, of the lungs, of the blood circulation and of the immune response since they help open the chest, improve the breath and increase the blood flow through the thymus, a gland of the immune system.
You are standing on the yoga mat, the hands grab each other behind the back. Inhale, exhale and bring the hands so grabbed beyond the right hip. Then, after another breathing cycle, bring the hands beyond the left hip. Now, stretch all the body towards the ceiling and bend forward until you touch the mat with the hands.
Make a step backwards and bring the feet away from the hands, go in the downward facing dog pose. Bring the right foot between the hands, lean the back of the left foot and the left knee on the mat. Raise the hands from the mat and stretch towards the ceiling. Breathe. Then, bring the arms down and stretch them behind the back, open the chest, breathe.
Bend the left knee and grab with the left hand the ankle. The right hand is on the mat while the torso rotates to the left and the head looks upwards. Repeat this first sequence by changing the leg.
You are in the downward facing dog pose. Slide the right knee between the hands and lean the forehead on the mat. Stay for some breaths. Raise the torso, bend the left leg and pass the foot in the internal part of the left elbow. The hands grab each other behind the neck. Repeat with the other leg.
You are in the downward facing dog pose. With a little jump bring the feet close to the hands and, slowly, raise the torso. Stay on the mat. Breathe and feel the energy of the asanas that flows in your body.
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