Heart chakra, the yoga that boosts the immune system and opens the breath

Heart chakra is one of the centers through which, according to ancient Oriental medicines, the energy flows in our body. To the heart chakra are associated the heart, the lungs and the thymus, a gland of the immune system. An unbalance in this chakra may cause problems in one of this organ, bronchitis, asthma but also a poor immune system in addition to fear and closure towards others. Today we’ll see a yoga sequence that works on this chakra, by restoring balance and wellbeing, strengthening the immune system and increasing the ability to feel selfless love for the others.
You are standing on the mat, stretch the arms towards the ceiling and go slightly backwards, breathe. Bring now the torso and the arms forwards and go down until you can touch the mat with the hands.
With a jump bring away the feet from the hands, try to bring close the chest to the thighs in the downward facing dog pose.
Go on tiptoes and bring the torso forward by bending the elbows. Lean the backs of the feet on the mat, keep the thighs raised and bring slightly the head backwards in the upward facing dog pose.
Go on your knees, raise the hips and put the hands on the low back. Slowly, go backwards until you can touch the heels with the hands. This is the camel yoga pose. Breathe, then, slowly, raise the torso.
Sit down with straighten legs. Bend the left knee and bring the left foot beyond the right leg. Rotate the torso to the left and pass the hand below the left knee. Try to grab the hands behind the back. Repeat by changing body side.
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