How to improve flexibility, elasticity and balance with little and easy exercises

We often stay seated at the computer or we stand for hours and the results are stiff muscles and a back not very flexible. But a help comes from yoga practice with some variations of the tiger pose, that allows to stretch the muscles, to improve the flexibility of the backbone, the stability and the balance. These are really a few, simple and fast exercises that you can do in the morning or in the evening, don’t take too much time but bring a lot of benefits.
The sequence starts with the cat pose. Stay on all fours on the yoga mat, exhale and, by starting from the low back, round the back toward the ceiling like a cat. You can feel the stretching of the muscles, then, by inhaling, return in the initial pose with a flat back. Go on for some breaths.
Then, by exhaling, bend the left leg and bring it close to the forehead. After this, raise the leg backwards and, at the same time, raise also the head. Go on in this way. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Raise now the left leg backwards like in the previous exercise but this time stop in the pose and, slowly, grab with the right hand the left foot. Stay in this pose and breathe. Then, bring the leg back to the ground and repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Finally, raise the left leg backwards and with the left hand grab the left foot. Stay in the pose for some breaths. Repeat the same movement with the other leg.
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