Improve flexibility, metabolism and the work of thyroid with yoga, the asanas on the shoulders

The yoga poses on the shoulders, the subject of this video, are really beneficial for the health of the entire body. Indeed, they help improve the flexibility of neck and back, stimulate the good work of the thyroid and counteract bad blood flow. Finally, these yoga sequences increase your concentration and energy, reduce tensions and stress and help live in the here and now, without obsessive thoughts but with a free and calm mind.
You are on your back. Bend the knees and bring them near your forehead by raising the hips from the floor. The hands support the back. Try to stretch now the legs towards the ceiling, the chest stays near the chin. This is the candle yoga pose.
Stay in the candle yoga pose, lower the right leg towards the head and try to touch the ground with your right foot. Then repeat with the other leg, finally, try to bring both feet on the ground. If you can, at this point, stretch your arms on the mat. This is the plow yoga pose.
Lift your legs and try to stretch them backwards, like you want to touch the wall behind you. Slowly, lift your arms off the ground and place your hands on your knees, like you want to push them away. The legs should instead work against this action of the hands, maintaining balance on the shoulders.
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