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Konasana (Angle pose)

Konasana (Angle pose)

This pose is able to tonify the muscles of the legs, torso and belly and benefits the backbone, that becomes more flexible. If you suffer from problems of the back try this pose by bending the knee of the leg of the side you are bending.
Standing on the yoga mat spread your legs at a distance of 60-90 cm.
Put your arms behind your back and grabs your right wrists with the left hand.
Turn the right foot, it should make a 90° angle with the other foot. Turn also your body towards the right foot.
Exhale and lean forward but keep the back and the neck aligned. Bend until it is easy for you, do not force and stay in this pose for 3 breaths.
With inhalation return to the starting pose by raising your head and tronco, putting down arms and hands and finally bring your feet in the initial positions. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.
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