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Locust yoga pose
Video Locust yoga pose

Locust yoga pose

The locust yoga pose is a total body exercise, able to strengthen arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs. Moreover, this asana tones the sciatic nerve thus helping prevent pain and inflammations and is also beneficial to boost willpower. In this video we will see three variants of the locust yoga pose.
You are on your belly. Cross the fingers under the pelvis. Inhale and push with hands and arms against the floor in order to lift the legs as high as you can. Then exhale and relax.
A simpler variant of the locust asana is the following. You are on your belly, the arms are at your sides, palms down. Lift head and torso and then the legs. Stretch backwards the arms and open the chest.
In order to make the muscles of back and shoulders work more deeply, bring the arms behind the back, grab the elbows. Lift head and torso and then the legs
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