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Meditation of the sea, against stress and its effects on the body
Video Meditation of the sea, against stress and its effects on the body

Meditation of the sea, against stress and its effects on the body

The voice of the sea more than any other sound is able to counteract the stress and the effects on the body level that moments of great nervousness can bring, as has been proven by scientific studies (Thoma et al, Medicine, 2018). The sound of the sea combined with today's meditation will help you calm your mind, let go of tensions and recharge your energy.
Sit down in a quiet place. Find a comfortable position, but open your chest to allow for good breathing, and close your eyes.
Imagine you are on a white beach, the sand is warm under your feet. The sea stretches out in front of you. By paying attention you can hear the sound of the waves on the shore. The waves approach and then retreat.
You get closer until the water almost touches your feet. Inhale, as the waves come forward, come to your toes and then your heels, exhale and the waves recede as they slide between your toes.
The sun caresses your face and the rays warm the skin pleasantly. Spread your arms to absorb as much energy as possible. You feel yourself at peace as you breathe along with every particle around you. Meanwhile, the waves of the sea approach and then retreat.
Slowly, bring your attention back to the present time. Feel the floor you are sitting on, open your eyes. Stay in this comfortable position for a moment longer, retaining the feeling of peace left by meditation, with the knowledge that you can recall it at any time you want, because it is a treasure inside you, a secret, just like a message kept in a bottle, entrusted to the sea.
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