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Meditation of water to bring calm and remove anxiety
Video Meditation of water to bring calm and remove anxiety

Meditation of water to bring calm and remove anxiety

The water always flows, if it encounters an obstacle it envelops and overcomes it, slowly, it smooths and erodes until it finds other ways, but it always goes on. This is why water is a very powerful image used in yoga and meditation and is useful to restore calm, to chase away stress and obsessive thoughts and to bring out, thanks to a relaxed mind, talents and resources
Sit down in a quiet place. Close your eyes and decide to dedicate this moment to yourself. If a thought reaches your mind, let it go, don't hold it back.
Imagine that you are in a clearing, around you, you can see colorful flowers, trees swaying in the wind and butterflies flying lightly. Not far away you can hear a stream flowing among the stones, you get closer.
Imagine kneeling near the stream, you can see the water that flows, forms whirlpools and loops. At the bottom of the stream you stop to admire pebbles and small stones, they shine like crystals reflecting the rays of the sun that reach them.
Dip your hand in the water, you can feel it caressing your skin. Immerse the other hand as well and cup your hands to your face. Rinse your face with fresh water. Return your hands to the stream and bring more water to your face. Every time you splash your face with fresh water you can feel a pleasant feeling of freedom and freshness.
As the sun warms your face, return to the room where you are practicing meditation. Slowly, rub your fingers together, caress your arms and face. Open your eyes and stay a moment longer to observe the benefits of meditation within you.
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