One leg teaser, pilates to get a flat belly

One leg teaser is a pilates exercise very beneficial and efficient with an immediate effect on belly and abs. Indeed, it is able to counteract visceral fat and pot belly by slimming the waist. Moreover, this exercise is able to tone thighs, back, shoulders and neck.
You are on your back, bend the knees but the feet remain on the floor. Stretch the arms backwards. Stretch also the left leg and lift it a bit from the ground.
Inhale, then exhale and tighten the abdominal muscles. At the same time lift the torso together with the leg until the arms will be parallel to the leg. Then return with the torso to the mat, the arms are backwards but don’t fall on the floor. Also the leg stays raised.
Go on in this way for 8 times. Then change the leg.
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