One legged king pigeon pose

This yoga asana is really amazing and beneficial. It helps open the chest and the hips, improves the breath and makes the spine flexible. Especially at the beginning and for the non-experts, this asana may result a bit challenging but with a constant practice and by starting from basic poses such as pigeon and mermaid you will be able to do it successfully.
You are on all fours, bring the right knee between the hands and stretch backwards the left leg. Rest the forehead on the yoga mat in the pigeon pose, ideal to counteract sciatica.
Lift the torso up, the right hand is on the floor in order to maintain the balance. With the left hand grab the left feet and bring it towards the glutes. This is the first part of the practice, you can do it in order to become familiar with the pose, to stretch the muscles and make flexible the joints.
To complete the pose, grab with the left hand the toes of the left foot, the head looks towards the ceiling and the left elbow rotates upwards. Also the right hand reaches the left hand and grabs the foot. The internal muscles of the thighs are activated to maintain the balance. Breathe. Then relax in the child pose. Repeat the sequence with the other leg.
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